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maandag 12 juni 2017

Mustangs 360: 2017 NMRA Super Nationals True Street Gallery

2017 NMRA Super Nationals True Street Gallery
A close-up gallery of the True Street class from the NMRA Super Nationals.
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Mustang Girl Monday: E. Ryan Cheek and her 2017 Mustang GT
E. Ryan Cheek learns to "toughen up buttercup" with a 2017 Mustang GT.
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Hagerty Insurance to Offer Track Day Coverage
Now you can enjoy high performance driver's education events without worry with full track day insurance coverage.
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Automotive Designer Tom Tjaarda Passes Away at 82
Tom Tjaarda, a prolific designer of Italian sports cars, has passed away at 82. Born in 1934, Tjaarda was destined to become a designer as his Dutch-born father, John Tjaarda, penned the Lincoln Zephyr. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in architecture, the Detroit-raised Tom Tjaarda made his way to Italy
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