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vrijdag 7 december 2018

Mustangs 360: The 45th Annual Daytona Turkey Run

The 45th Annual Daytona Turkey Run
The Fall Daytona Turkey Run is the largest club-sponsored event in Florida with more than 5000 vehicles filling the Speedway.
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An iPhone Controls This 1966 Ford Mustang
This 1966 Ford Mustang is controlled by an iPhone, utilizing an electronic system that surpasses one you might find in a rich guy's house.
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2018 OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational at Las Vegas
OPTIMA USCI: Fords Head Into The Desert To Square Off For The 2018 Ultimate Street Car Title
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The Best Things We Saw At PRI On Opening Day #MTGPRI18
A closer look at the coolest Ford parts and cars from PRI's opening day #MTGPRI18.
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