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donderdag 28 februari 2019

Mustangs 360: Most Original 1971 Boss 351 in the World?

Most Original 1971 Boss 351 in the World?
From the age of 14, Fred Kemmerer wanted what he thought was a neighbor's Boss 302. Eventually, he got the car, but it was a more rare 1971 Boss 351.
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Texas Tenors' New/Old Mustang
Retrobuilt Motors combines 1967 and 2011 to build a singing cowboy his dream Cobra.
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Snapshot: 2017 Mustang GT
Reader shares the story and photos of his muscle mustang or other fast ford. This week is Michael Watts and his 2017 Mustang GT.
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WINNING NUMBERS: The First, The Fast, The Famous Bruce Meyer's Collection
The Petersen Automotive Museum Celebrates Bruce Meyer's Incredible Collection
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