maandag 30 augustus 2021

“Vorsprung 2030“: Audi accelerating transformation

"Vorsprung 2030": Audi accelerating transformation
Audi wants to be a sustainable, social, and technological leader by 2030. The premium brand wants to offer electric vehicle customers an unparalleled onboard system with its own ecosystem. "The corporate strategy 'Vorsprung 2030' will ensure that Audi remains viable long into the future," says Audi CEO Markus Duesmann. The pace of change in our society is rapidly increasing. That's why we're...
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Silja Pieh – architect of a new Audi strategy
The automotive industry is going through a massive transformation – and Audi is right in the middle of it. In the premium automaker's own transformation, Silja Pieh plays an important role. She leads Audi's Corporate Strategy Department. Together with her team, her job is to ensure that the company's "Vorsprung durch Technik" ("Progress through Technology") remains forward-looking and shapes the...
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Electrifying test drives – putting preconceived notions to the test
Many people view switching from a vehicle with an internal combustion engine to an electric car as a monumental step. In reality, however, it is significantly less eventful – as four Audi employees recently discovered during test drives in the all-electric Audi Q4 e-tron. This opportunity wasn't available to just anyone; the carmaker invited employees to apply for a spot before the official...
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Easily create the Audi of your dreams
Which model will it be? With an internal combustion engine or electric drive system? And what about the exterior – the paint, the wheels? Would you like the S line? Any special preferences for the interior? What about entertainment options and driver assistance systems? Consultations of this kind not only take place at Audi dealers, but also millions of times on Audi websites. According to...
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On the path to a digital car company with smart production
Audi is working at full speed to digitalize its production and, as a result, the working environment in areas such as planning, assembly, logistics, maintenance, and quality assurance at the five production facilities the company operates itself around the world. A number of groundbreaking projects with technologies such as 3D printing, 5G, apps, and virtual reality are already revolutionizing...
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Why we are now equipping our vehicles with the new 5G mobile communications standard
Audi is adding 5G mobile communications to production models for the first time. What does the technology offer in combination with the C-V2X wireless standard? What applications can be implemented with the technologies now and in the future? And how is Audi working around the world to continuously improve road safety? This TechFocus provides the answers. read on
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Did you know....?
...that there are up to 45 1.5-liter PET bottles in the seats of an Audi A3? Another 62 PET bottles are recycled for the carpet. ...that the Audi Q4 e-tron has a seat cover made of 45 percent recycled material? The Dinamica fabric looks and feels like suede, but is nearly half recycled polyester. This comes from textiles and PET bottles, for example. By the way, the trunk cover is also made of...
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Audi is creating a universal digital customer experience
Audi is creating an ecosystem for electric and autonomous driving. With new physical and digital offerings, the premium brand will enrich the customer experience and meet the growing needs and demands for the mobility of the future. Digitalization offers an opportunity to rethink the automobile and for that reason, it is an essential driver of transformation. The ecosystem around the vehicle...
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